Services and Fees


Gottman therapy begins with on-line assessments that each partner fills out individually.  These will take you about 2 hours to complete at home.  The assessments identify your strengths as a couple and the areas for improvement (these are derived from Gottman’s model of what factors distinguish “happy” from “unhappy” couples).  I will provide a feedback session where we discuss the assessment results and their implications for your therapy goals.


I will ask to see each partner for one individual session, so that I can learn more about your individual family history, goals for therapy, etc.  The therapy itself is designed to intervene at the identified areas for improvement as well as any additional issues you may want to address.  In session, we will examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and work on desired changes.  In general, the goals of Gottman therapy are

  1. to increase overall positivity in the relationship,
  2. to reduce overall negativity in the relationship, and
  3. to reduce negativity in confiict situations.


The one-time assessment fee per couple is $225.  Therapy sessions are $150 for 75 minutes. Individual sessions cost $130 for 50 minutes.  See my Disclosure Statement for more details.

Call me at 512-689-7105 to schedule your first session!